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... we delight in the splendors of nature...

Kerstin U. Meyer, managing director


I’m here today with Kerstin Meyer the managing director of Eurodor GmbH, one of Europe’s market leaders in the hair cosmetic industry.

Kerstin, tell me what is the secret behind Eurodor’s success?

First, Michael, I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity with this forum to present our company. But to answer your question: We have a saying in Germany, „Success has many fathers “.

So, there are myriad reasons for Eurodor’s success?

Definitely.  A successful company is like a puzzle with many pieces. All the puzzle pieces have to fit together, and they must harmonize.

On the one side, the customers are an extremely important piece to that puzzle. The trust of our customers is our lifeblood, which we constantly strive to ensure. 

On the other side, is a team of highly qualified employees aspiring daily to meet our quality standards all the while achieving the demands of time sensitive orders.

Of course, we can’t forget that all of this can only be made possible thanks to the highly modernized technical equipment of our certified organization.

I see what you mean by many pieces to the puzzle.

Yes, and it is integral that they all must work together in harmony.

Kerstin, on a different note, on the way from the parking lot here to your office I couldn’t help noticing all the beautiful flowers along the sidewalk...

Micheal, I guess that is a component of our feminine side. We delight in the splendors of nature...  and that reflects in the great care we take to ensure our products contain the highest quality of the ingredients.

Katrin, Eurodor GmbH has endured for twenty-five years now. Can you tell me what the basis of your organization is?

On the one hand, our organization maintains a large private label business.  This part is concerned with the manufacturing of hair color and hair care products, both for our own as well as private formulations. Tubes, bottles and jars are processed

as per customer specifications as well as packaged and shipped to practically every nation in the world. Smaller orders are absolutely no problem for us.

On the other hand, we have our own private label product range. We manufacture and distribute our brand "Hairwell", which includes a broad spectrum of hair colors and haircare products.

Kerstin, I’m familiar with the brand Hairwell. What are your top sellers in that product rang?

Over the years Micheal, we have developed a wide variety of special shampoos for different hair types and hair demands. Our product range contains rinses, conditioners and styling products. I would like to make a special mention of our extremely popular eyelash and eyebrow dye. There is a strong worldwide demand for those products.

Kerstin, is it possible to obtain your product range at drugstores?

We produce exclusively for professional needs. Hairdressers purchase our hair color and haircare product range through wholesalers.

I have discovered your products being offered online on many different websites.

That’s true Micheal, we’ve taken notice of that as well.

Apparently, many customers have discovered the quality of our products at the hair salon and decided to order, for instance our shampoo, online. This is true, but we don’t have an influence on this market.

Kerstin, as owner and managing director of Eurodor GmbH you carry the responsibility for twenty employees... How can you ensure their future prosperity at Eurodo future?

We ensure our future at Eurodor by continuing to take advantage our capabilities and innovation, and by displaying our courage and determination.

Katrin Meyer, I thank you for this friendly and informative interview.

This Interview was taken by the independent journalist Michael Schnabel

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